Getting Your BMT Dates

Ok, so I should reiterate, that I am in the Air National Guard. Meaning, my experience from enlistment on up to shipping will be different from active duty- and I’m not certain how it compares to reserves, but I assume its similar. Before you can get your dates for basic training and tech school, there […]

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Drill Weekend- Student Flight

This weekend I attended Drill for the first time. In the Air Guard, new trainees¬†begin reporting for drill weekend even before they have gone to basic training. As explained by the Lieutenant overseeing the Student Flight, the main goal of the flight is to make sure we are all completely in processed and as prepared […]

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Reader Feedback

I know that my site is fairly new and I don’t have many subscribers or readers; but I’m looking to improve. This site wasn’t created to make my story famous or make money. I started documented my experiences in hopes that it will help others down the road. Since many aspects of the military change […]

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A Quick Update

It has been a little while since I’ve shared what has been happening in my enlisting process. As of today, I have officially been in the Air Force National Guard for one week! Last week I drove straight from work to my recruiter’s office, where I was sworn in by an Officer. It happened pretty […]

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Selecting My Career

Once I was finished at MEPS and recieved my ASVAB score, it was time to start thinking seriously about what job(s) I wanted to pursue. I had done some browsing leading up to this point, but didn’t really make a list of my top jobs until after I saw my score and what I was […]

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