A Quick Update

It has been a little while since I’ve shared what has been happening in my enlisting process. As of today, I have officially been in the Air Force National Guard for one week!

Last week I drove straight from work to my recruiter’s office, where I was sworn in by an Officer. It happened pretty fast- so fast that my husband, who was stuck in traffic and arrived 1 minutes late, missed it! So I have no pictures to prove I swore in, but I did! After I swore in, I had a huge stack of papers to sign including my contract and other forms just covering all the legal stuff. There’s really nothing to tell about my contract, I was not receiving any bonuses so it was a very basic contract. However, I was careful to read everything just in case.

What’s Next?

Now I have a very long and detailed security clearance background check form to submit online. After I finish the form, I will go to base and they will finger print me to complete my submission for the background check. Once it is submitted, I will be able to schedule my Basic Training date. Until basic training, I will still be reporting on drill weekend for school flight. My first drill is next weekend, so I’ll be sure to write something about that afterwards. Other than that, I am working hard to get into the best shape I can possibly be in leading up to shipping to Basic (I’m expecting that to be around June, yay for Texas in the summer ha).

Stay tuned!


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