Getting Your BMT Dates

Ok, so I should reiterate, that I am in the Air National Guard. Meaning, my experience from enlistment on up to shipping will be different from active duty- and I’m not certain how it compares to reserves, but I assume its similar.

Before you can get your dates for basic training and tech school, there is a check list of things you have to accomplish. It’s not very long, but it can take a little time to do, especially if you don’t live near your base. They offer time to accomplish these tasks while your at drill weekend for student flight.

After you have your CAC Card (military ID), you’ve done your security clearance¬†(this can be done at home), and submit your finger prints- YOU ARE READY TO REQUEST YOUR DATES.

It took me from March to May to accomplish everything- I don’t live near base and I let my security clearance time, which took 2 weeks to reset. But they still seemed impressed that I got everything done so “quickly.” So May 6, 2017 I submitted my fingerprints, and then walked over to the Base Training Office to request my dates.

When it was my turn I just gave the lady my name and she pulled up my file. She double checked that my fingerprints where in the system and then proceeded with the process of filing the request. She gave me the option of listing my availability as “ASAP” or giving a delayed option- like, “I can go anytime after _________(insert month here).” I went for ASAP because that gave me a way better chance of getting my dates soon. If I chose after August, I would have to wait a really long time until they released the new training school schedules.

After you put in your request, you WAIT. And it’s painful. You’re dying to know when you will be leaving. Fortunately, my plan for requesting ASAP worked. I received my dates on May 11th- less than one week later!

I will be shipping out August 1, 2017! I am scheduled for back to back training- which means I will go straight to my tech school after basic (I was expecting this because my tech school is also at Lackland). And my out-processing will take place at my Base on July 27th.

Getting Your.png


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