Do’s and Don’ts – now that you’re enlisted

Ok, so now that I have been enlisted for a few months, I have learned a few do’s and don’ts of being in student flight & preparing everything so you can leave.


Be self motivated

Once you are enlisted and attending student flight (for those in the guard), your recruiter may not pay as close attention to you anymore. You will have tasks you need to accomplish like getting your ID card, submitting your background check, and getting fingerprinted- you can’t even get your dates for basic training without talking to the correct office yourself. If your recruiter is anything like mine, they will give you the list of stuff you need to do, and not really talk to you anymore. However, if you forget something or do something wrong, then you’ll be hearing from them for sure and they might not be so nice.  So it’s important to stay on top of your task list. You cannot leave before completing everything!

Ask Questions

When you’re at student flight, or even just on base to accomplish anything, and you have a question (about basic, what you need to get done, where something is, anything!) just ASK! This is the time to learn, it’s called student flight for a reason, they want to teach and answer your questions. I have never witness someone being laughed at or talked down to for asking a stupid question. You cannot find all the answers online, so ask your leaders and fellow students. Share wisdom!



If you’re like me, going on base for the first few times can feel a little unnerving. It can honestly be an intimidating place. If there’s one thing I’ve learned: it’s not scary. I’m learning to relax, its not a big deal. People are there doing their jobs just like you! You aren’t entering basic training, it’s just a normal day for everyone at drill. SO, try to relax!

Take too long on the Security Clearance

This seems to be an all too familiar mistake. Many people, including myself, took longer than a month to complete our security clearance questionnaire. If you take longer than a month, you get locked out and have to wait for a new authorization code. It took 2+ weeks for me to get my new access code and complete the clearance.

Act like a know- it- all

Just be teachable. Your fellow flight members will like you for it and so will your leaders. There’s nothing more frustrating than sitting in a room with someone who won’t shut up about what they know, military and otherwise.


Ok, that’s all I have for now! These were just a few observations I’ve made over the last few months. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!





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