Selecting My Career


Once I was finished at MEPS and recieved my ASVAB score, it was time to start thinking seriously about what job(s) I wanted to pursue. I had done some browsing leading up to this point, but didn’t really make a list of my top jobs until after I saw my score and what I was qualified for. I was fortunate enough to be qualified for just about any job.

I set up a time to sit down with my recruiter to talk jobs and what would be a good fit for me. Before the meeting she sent me a list of what jobs were currently open on the base. This came as a bit of a SHOCK to me- there were not many jobs that I was interested in. I was discouraged and a little frustrated. However, I was holding out hope that I could perhaps transfer to a different base or I would have to pick something I wasn’t crazy about and wait to cross-train in 3 years.

Here is my biggest suggestion regarding jobs…

When you meet with your recruiter, be sure to tell them which jobs you are most interested in, even if the jobs aren’t on the list of open jobs. THEY CAN MAKE THINGS HAPPEN FOR YOU. – My top pick was Contracting because it would provide me with so many job opportunities both while I was serving and once I was out; and these jobs would be very good pay! Of course, I am not the first person to think this, and the job was already over staffed when I talked to my recruiter about it. But she didn’t tell me to rule it out, she knew the base needed people and she thought I would be a great fit for the job. She told me she would speak with her supervisor about getting me into the career. Although she gave me some hope, I still had to make a list of jobs I wanted, both open and unavailable, in order of my interest, and she told me she would get back to me as soon as she heard.

I just got off the phone with my recruiter about an hour ago and she gave me some awesome news: she was able to get me into the Contracting job I wanted! Everything is falling into place.


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