Taking the ASVAB exam is part of the enlistment process. Your score on this test is a majorunnamed determining factor for what jobs you are qualified for. Leading up to the test, I knew that I wanted to score as high as I possibly could, so that I could have my pick of career.

I set out researching about what to expect on the test, how to study, and I talked to a few friends who have already taken the exam. It seems that some people thought it best not to study, while others studied for at least a month; I ended up somewhere in between. I’m sure my system won’t work for everyone; but I found it to be successful for me- I scored a total of 91 (in the Air Force Scoring system).

How I Studied

All of these resources, other than the vocabulary practice, will cover all aspects and subjects of the test. I felt like I wanted to focus in on the word knowledge, mainly because it seemed intimidating; there was no way I could memorize every word that ever was! The link I gave for vocabulary practice was my favorite that I came across.

Essentially, I focused on taking practice tests and reviewing what questions I got wrong. I continued this process until I started seeing the type of scores I was looking for. Hint: try not to take the same test twice, so you know you’re actually learning and not memorizing.

I think my biggest tip would be to be prepared but don’t go overboard. You are going to do FINE. Don’t wear your mind out right before the test. Do all you can, then get a good night’s sleep, eat a good breakfast, and take the test with confidence!

Good Luck!


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