Quick Tips to Find Your Perfect Job


Here are a few quick steps to help you narrow down your job search and make a list of your top careers…

  • Browse through all the current jobs available. 

You can view careers specific to your branch and read a brief description of each by visiting their page and selecting careers. Personally, I browsed through both the airforce.com and the goang.com lists.

  • Do further research regarding any jobs that caught your eye

Essentially, I googled the specific job title or code and read whatever articles/blogs I could find about it. Another good idea, is searching on YouTube. Make a note of any jobs that you think you would enjoy. Also, make sure that your ASVAB scores qualify you for these jobs!

  • Talk with your recruiter about the jobs and types of jobs that you are interested in.

They are the ones that will be able to get you into the job or job field you want. They may also be able to suggest other jobs based on your interests.  It’s true that some recruiters may have their own agendas and will try to push certain jobs- if this happens to you, don’t be easily swayed; stick to what you know you want (because you did your research).

I know that the Air Guard is different from going active, and probably is different from all the other military branches. In the ANG, you swear-in to the specific job that you selected. In other cases, active recruits will have to give a list of their top jobs and top fields and hope for the best. Either way, researching and knowing where you fit is the best way to end up in a career that you enjoy!


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